Which Basketball Shoes Should I Buy — A Buyer’s Guide

Which Basketball Shoes Should I Buy — A Buyers Guide

Basketball is a highly demanding game; there is a lot of jumping, running, and pivoting at the same point simultaneously. In such cases, having the right pair of basketball shoes or sneakers secures your feel and enhances your performance.  

So if you are thinking of which basketball shoes I should buy that fulfill all demands of a game, this article is for you. There are some most important aspects of basketball shoes that you should consider before making a purchase— material, durability, support,  design, comfort, and cost.  

Multiple brands launch their best basketball shoes,  each with top-quality features, which is why deciding which basketball shoes you should buy is difficult.  But don’t worry; this article provides a complete buying guide to help you.  

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How to Buy Basketball Shoes

Want to buy a new shoe but need clarification on which one is best? Do you want to boost your game with comfort and style? What do you prefer: flexibility or durability?  Are you looking for indoor or outdoor shoes?  Whatever you are searching for, you can quickly decide after reading the following points.  


The first and most important factor that needs attention while buying your favorite sneaker is the type of material. Basketball shoes are made up of leather, rubber, or blended material. 

However, shoes made from traditional materials are durable and secure. However, with advancement, many manufacturing companies used blended stuff that is less durable. 


When purchasing your favorite basketball shoes, lateral stability and traction are the most important factors. You jump, run,  and move in all directions during the game, so shoes with strong outsoles and tread patterns are best. 

You should also consider their midsole structure.  A basketball shoe with a broader base helps to prevent common ankle injuries.  

Solace/ Comfort

While making basketball,  feet move in all directions.  So one should choose such basketball shoes with a high cushion property that avoids twisting and torsion at the ankle joint. Such basketball shoes that help in lateral movement with comfort are preferable.  


As basketball becomes trendy in youth,  everyone wants to play it in all weather,  whether rain or shine. So chances of sweating and increased temperature of feet are average. So always prefer breathable basketball shoes with an inner lining that allows airflow between your toes and keeps your feet dry and cool.  

Outdoor or Indoor Shoes

The basketball games are designed to be played outdoors. The surface of the outdoor court is more complex than others.  So many basketball shoes are required to provide durability and comfort. They should be lightweight.

However, shoes with thick heel soles and thin toe soles should be avoided,  as they assist in forwarding motion,  and the chances of ankle sprain and twisting increase.  

But if you play indoors just for fun. The floor of the indoor court is often made up of wood, which is slippery. So you should need a basketball shoe that provides a firm grip and allows lateral movement. Choosing the boots according to the game, like badminton or volleyball, is usually advisable.


Padded shoes make it comfortable to wear for long hours. Cushioning helps to prevent your feet from direct impact and acts as a shock absorbent. However, too much Cushing can hinder your performance. 

Secure Fitting

As you must move quickly while playing, your sneakers must have a secure fit and lock. This boosts your confidence as you move freely without fear of slipping on the court or twisting your ankle. 


Which basketball shoes should I buy? Another answer to this question is that those shoes that last longer, even after a hard and rough outdoor court, are best to have them. They are best to use for long hours without wear and tear. 


Never pay more than you need. You can buy high-quality basketball shoes with unique features for your daily practice at an affordable price. But spending extra dollars is not a big deal if you want the best. 

If you are a beginner or need shoes just for practice, we suggest you purchase under $100. After that, when you master the skill, you can get high-price icing sneakers without delay. 


Lastly, reviews from experts and users. Experts have much knowledge about the brands and inside features. However, we prefer user reviews as they highlight those pros and cons that experts miss. 

Which Brand is Best for Basketball Shoes

Every sports production and manufacturing company launches basketball shoes with an increasing trend. Each pair had some features and designs that made them unique as compared to others. 

We have discussed some most demanding brands in detail with examples. After reading them, you can get to know which brand is best for basketball shoes. 


Nike has been the most trusted brand in manufacturing sports products for centuries. They provide high-quality products that provide the comfort and support you demand. This comes with catchy styles and colors. Although they are expensive, they are lightweight and best-fitting shoes. 

  • LeBron 20
  • Nike Athletic For Women
  • Nike Men’s Lace-up
  • KD 15
  • Nike Air Zoom GT Jump


Secondly, Adidas is a favorite brand for most youngsters as they have super cool designs and provide elite-level traction and cushioning that helps while sudden movement changes. Adidas basketball shoes are breathable and flexible. They also have some products within the customer’s range. 

  • Harden Vol 6
  • Harden Vol 7
  • Adidas Men’s Basketball Shoe
  • Adidas Dame Certified
  • Adidas Son of Chi


Jordan became highly rated in the past few years when they introduced Formula 23. These shoes are comfortable, lightweight, and flexible. The midsole is cushioned, while the toe part has enough room. 

  • Jordan Luka 1
  • Jordan Retro 1
  • Air Jordan 36 Low
  • Air Jordan 35
  • Joran Zoom Separate

Besides them, there are many other brands with upcoming basketball shoes like 


They provide highly supportive shoes with full-length carbon torsional plates acting as shock absorbent while moving quickly.  

  • Speed 8
  • Way of Wade 10
  • Way of Wade All City 11
  • Sonic Team Low
  • Way of Wade All City 10V2

Under Armour

Under Armour is known for its highly comfortable sports shoes. They have the best cushioning/traction flow that every player demands. You can find a wide range— for adults, kids, men, and women. 

  • Curry 9
  • Curry 10
  • Men’s Lockdown 5
  • Embiid One
  • Curry 3Z6


If you are a sneaker lover, you must be familiar with PUMA. It has been serving its customers for a long time while maintaining quality features like traction, cushioning, material, and budget. They have now introduced some new products that you surely like

  • TRC Blaze Court
  • Court Rider 2
  • Rise Nitro
  • MB.02
  • Playmark Pro


If you are a fashion vista and want to stay with the trends, Anta introduces 3D printing. The AFlash Edge is a foam compound that provides comfort. The Smart SAM system 

  • KT 8
  • KT 6
  • GH1
  • RR6
  • KT 7

New Balance 

Last year, New Balance became popular for its best cushioning units. The  ABSORB units in the forefoot and heel protect your foot while jumping, running, or moving around. 

  • TWO WXY V3
  • Kawhi 2
  • OMN1S
  • New Balance 550
  • New Balance 660

New Upcoming Basketball Shoes

With the increase in technology, many brands introduce their unique products with top-quality features that focus on comfortability, flexibility, and traction. Some of the upcoming basketball shoes are: 

  • Brandblack Rare Metal 2
  • Serious Player Only Player 1
  • 361º Zen 3
  • Converse All-Star BB Prototype CX
  • AND 1 Attack 2.0
  • K8IROS Mark II
  • Crossover Culture Menace


In summary, it is a subjective or personal preference which basketball shoe you should buy. However, consider factors like— material, comfort, traction, design, cushioning, durability, price, and indoor and outdoor play. Nike and Adidas are the leading brands in sport’s shoes, but there are many upcoming brands that you should try to find the best fit for your feet. 

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